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Gunmoor Grooming is run my myself, Nicola Graham, an enthusiastic groomer with years of experience. I am passionate about my business and my profession. I also enjoy to show my two breeds,cocker spaniels and miniature schnauzers. Please have a look at my picture gallery to see some of my recent work.


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I as a groomer always believe in treating a customers dog as if it were my own, I always do my best to ensure a calm relaxing environment in my salon and take extra  time for those that need it. All dogs visiting Gunmoor Grooming are treated on a strictly one-to-one basis, and no dogs are crated for extended periods of time. Most dogs grooming sessions are completed within 2 hours, unless there are special circumstances. I also have a wide range of natural aloe vera products that I regularly use on dogs with problematic or sensitive skin as I have seen the massive benefits from using this natural healing plant. I regularly attend grooming seminars, experiencing the most current grooming techniques/styles and discovering new coat products.

Gunmoor Kennels, Cheshire.
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